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French Ski Instructor CourseSerre Chevalier, France - 20 Weeks

Start In The French System

Entering the French ski instructor system is notoriously hard and this course focuses on helping you to achieve that goal. It takes dedication, drive and talent. If you think you've got what it takes, we can help you along the path towards a fulfilling and lucrative ski instructor career.

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With Serre Chevalier as your home, you'll have an abundance of world-class free-ride terrain right on your doorstep. This resort has a massive amount of off-piste itineraries and is renowned for its fantastic tree runs thanks to a high snow record (average 600cm per year) and an unusual abundance of Larch Trees.


As well as race training, you'll spend a lot of your time "working" on free-skiing all over the mountain and enjoying all of Serre Chevalier's terrain.


The French ski instructor system is perceived to be a bit of an enigma and, to be fair, it is very different to any other instructor body in the world - it is formidably demanding. Before you can even think about setting foot in a ski school, you need to prove your worth as a talented skier by passing the infamous "Test Technique" special slalom examination. Applicants are required to race down a slalom course and beat a professionally registered time. This requires a very challenging level of training, and that's where we come in.


For you to be successful, we provide an intense program designed to transform you into an athletic ski racer. Not for the faint hearted, we'll work hard with you to perfect your technique and racing experience, while shaving every possible second off your slalom times.


Of course, we also teach you how to pass on your highly refined skills, whilst working towards your "Préformation", the French equivalent of a Level 2 ski instructor qualification. Christian Delafield, our course director, is fully qualified under the French system with a Brevet d'Etat d'éducateur sportif (B.E.E.S. 1er Degree) in Alpine Skiing. Originally from Jersey, he is leading the charge to bring more foreign nationals into the French system, with total support from the French themselves.



After The Course

Over this 20 week course, you'll work towards your Test Technique and Preformation, but that's only the start of your journey. With those two qualifications under your belt, you'll be able to enter a ski school the following season, where you can get a respectable wage as a trainee instructor.


Over the following few years, you'll get loads of on the job training as you pass through the many tests and qualifications leading up to your ultimate goal - a BEES 1er Degree.


While on the course we encourage participants to practice their language skills as much as possible. We hope you will become a part of the community in Serre Chevalier and therefore will do our best to help you find suitable accommodation. We can help you source everything from one bedroom apartments to shared housing for season workers.

Course Milestones It will be an action-packed season... here's how it'll go down!
Pre Season Training
Physical Preparation. It's a great way of getting to know everyone and it gives the trainers a chance to assess trainees individual fitness.
Early Dec
It's time to start getting familiar with our skis again and explore the terrain Serre Chevalier has to offer before Slalom training begins.
Slalom Training
Tine to get down to business. With the end goal being the Test Technique, generally this takes place every weekday morning 9 - 12.
Powder Day
When it snows then anything goes! On a powder day, there is no point in slalom training and every point in powder skiing!
Test Technique
It's all been in preparation for this moment. Two professional racers compete to set the fastest time for the course and now you must perfrom!
If you successfully navigate the Test Technique it's time to progress to the next stage in the French system - teacher training.
Dates & Prices

What's Included

Pre - Season Training +
The course begins with a minimum 2 - week physical preparation. Expect to take part in some or all of the following: running, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, football, touch rugby, volleyball, basketball, plyometric workouts, core work & stretching!
Professional Coaching - 5 Days per Week +
The training primarily focuses on preparing you for the infamous Test Technique Slalom Examination. It will also provide trainees with the foundation in technical and all terrain skiing. 16 weeks of ski coaching is provided.
Video Analysis +
Your trainers will take advantage of video analysis sessions to help fine tune your progression
Access to Slalom Stadiums +
Rental costs for access to Slalom stdiums are taken care of.
Accommodation +
You'll be living with your fellow international course mates in a chalet in Briancon. It is well serviced by bus routes to downtown Briancon as well as up the valley to various chair lifts.
Breakfasts - Five Days Per Week +
Help yourself to breakfast at the chalet - get fuelled up before a morning packed with training.
Lunch - Five Days Per Week +
You will be provided with all the ingredients you need ot make a packed lunch for the mountain - Monday - Friday.
Dinners - Five Nights Per Week +
A hearty meal will be prepared & served to you in the chalet Monday - Friday.
Instructor Career Advice +
We will be able to offer career advice to you personally and guide you in the right direction, almost certainly encouraging you to keep training hard!
Resort Transport +
Your season pass gives you free access to all 'Ski Buses' that run throughout the valley. However, if you have a car, then our advice is to bring it! Chuck some snow tyres on the front wheels and away you go! Serre Chevalier is not a dangerous place to drive around in the winter compared with a lot of places you may have previously experienced.
Not Included +
These things are not included in the package:
Flights +
The best airport to fly to is Turin.
Travel Insurance +
We can point you to insurance policies that previous clients have rated. Some offer discounts to Nonstop participants.
Airport Transfers +
There is the option of a Snow Train or a public airport transfer. If you have a car, then our advice is to bring it! Chuck some snow tyres on the front wheels and away you go! Serre Chevalier is not a dangerous place to drive around in the winter compared with a lot of places you may have previously experienced.
Ski Equipment +
You will require specialist race skis, safety gear and clothing. You will also require a pair of all mountain skis. We will issue you with an equimpment requirment list and can offer as much advice as is required.
Weekend Meals +
Make your own or try out some of the local restaurants or resort options.
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