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CSIA 1 & 2 Ski Instructor CourseFernie, Canada - 11 Weeks

The Season of a Lifetime

Our 11 week ski instructor course in Fernie is the most popular course on the market, and with good reason! An unbeatable package, excellent accommodation, a massive crew of fellow Nonstoppers and a truly epic mountain (most snow + longest vertical in the Canadian Rockies) will undoubtedly make this the season of a lifetime.

Who's it for?
Age ranges
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Back in 2002 we picked Fernie as the HQ for Nonstop's ski instructor courses because of its amazing snow record, its large and varied ski area, its quiet slopes and, equally importantly, the unique experience of living in Fernie's incredible mountain community.


Fernie typically sees over 10 meters of snow each season. And you can expect to see 48cm on average every week - that's a whole lot of powder days! No matter what your standard is when you get there, the terrain will challenge and delight you throughout the whole season.


It is the perfect place to massively develop your skiing skills. Over 100 happy people every season can’t be wrong! In fact, our 11 week course in Fernie is the most popular ski instructor course of all time!


Whether or not you're looking to become a ski instructor, we'll take your skiing ability to the highest level with over 220 hours of high level instruction. Our pros are exclusively dedicated to Nonstop's program and are a joy to be around!


As well as fully preparing you for your ski instructor exams, they'll take you to the very best parts of the mountain every day so that you can build your technique and enthusiasm for the sport you love!


One of the benefits of having so many people on our ski instructor courses in Fernie is that there are loads of people of the same ability level, age range and mindset as you, so you'll be amongst a group of likeminded skiers.


There are many national ski instructor bodies around the world and Nonstop are proud to work with one of the most prestigious: The Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance (CSIA). Their qualifications allow you to instruct around the world.


You can take part in our "Community Days" after passing your CSIA Level 1, offering free ski lessons to local people who couldn't normally afford them. You'll take your own lessons and get a real taste for the job. Lots of fun, and great experience for your CV.


Not everyone wants to be an instructor, but that's no reason why you shouldn't spend 11 weeks training and having fun in one of the world's best resorts! After week five Level 1 exams you'll have the choice of training for Level 2 or joining our "AMP program" to build your all-mountain skiing without having to worry about teaching techniques.


Living in the mountains is an amazing experience and, with a little guidance, skiing is only the beginning! As part of your package you'll get access to our MORE program packed with over 25 extra training courses and weekend activities. Take a photography course, build and sleep in a snow cave or go cat-skiing. Plus, our local course host will organise plenty of social activities, like trips to watch ice-hockey, playing street hockey and night skiing.

Heli Skiing
Cat Skiing
Avalanche Training
Ice Hockey
Backcountry Touring
Winter Camping

Opt for either a hotel-style experience in our very own Red Tree Lodge, or enjoy the benefits of your own local house in downtown Fernie for a true seasonaire lifestyle. Our lodge has amazing facilities from a hot tub and sauna to movie room and bar.

Course Milestones It will be an action-packed 11 weeks... here's how it'll go down!
Weeks 1-2
Settle in to your mountain home. Explore Fernie’s five bowls. The focus will be on ironing out any bad habits. Option to do avalanche safety training and go snowmobiling.
Weeks 3-4
Training ramps up. You’ll be exploring more challenging terrain, working on your core skiing and teaching skills ahead of the CSIA assessment. Head snowshoeing or snowbiking.
Week 5
Level 1 exams. A fun three days full of learning and progression. You’ll be assessed on both your skiing and teaching. Big celebrations to follow. Go cat skiing at the weekend. Start shadowing a local ski instructor.
Week 6
Decision time as you choose whether to continue with Level 2 training or opt for the All Mountain Pro program. Go heli skiing or take a trip to Whitefish, USA.
Weeks 7-8
Level 2 training will focus on advanced ski technique and teaching skills. AMP will focus on steep terrain and powder. Try backcountry touring or go winter camping.
Weeks 9-10
Work on your short radius, carving, freeriding and teaching ahead of the Level 2 exam. Go to Castle Mountain for a day. Opportunity to do a race coach or snow park qualification.
Week 11
Level 2 exams are here. After a season with our coaches you’ll be raring to go. Celebrate with all your course mates in the spring sun. Bid farewell or stay on for an extra week.
Dates & Prices

What's Included

Season Lift Pass +

You'll be given a season lift pass so you can ski as much as you please. Come out early or stay on after, your lift pass will cover you. 85% of people stay on after the course for a "12th week" and about 30% arrive a week early.

Professional Ski Coaching +

You'll receive 11 weeks of coaching from some of Canada's leading instructor trainers. Our full day coaching sessions are Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri, with Wednesdays and the weekends for free skiing, consolidating what you've learnt and the away trips, activities and additional courses offered on our More Program. The maximum group size is 8 people per pro but typically they are even smaller.

1-1 Private Coaching Sessions +

You'll get private coaching sessions with just yu and your coach, one before your Level 1 and another before your Level 2. These will enable you to work on specific areas you want to focus on, or simply talk about upcoming exams of your future plans.

Video Analysis +

Throughout the program our coaches will make the most of technical video analysis to help with your development.

All Mountain Pro +

After your Level 1 you can choose to train for your Level 2 qualification (ideal if you are dedicated to a career in the ski industry) or opt for our AMP program which develops your own personal all-mountain skills with a focus on powder, steeps, freestyle, drops, tree runs and generally anything that makes you a better skier!

Weekly Technical Sessions +

Each week you'll receive a technical talk on subjects like biomechanics, looking after your gear, injury prevention, and topics relating to becomign a successful instructor.

Exam Fees +

The package includes the cost of the exam fee for the CSIA Level 1 and Level 2. Pleae note if you decide to go for AMP instead of level 2 training, the level 2 assessment is not included and you will get 4 days of additional coaching instead.


Instructor Career Advice +

You'll be given an 'Instructor Starter Kit' booklet with a directory of ski school contacts, receive seminars on topics such as life as a ski instructor, job application and interview techniques, and be given constant advice from our coaches. Additionally, job interviews with the local ski school are available.

Guaranteed Interviews +

For those wanting to start a career as a ski instructor you'll massively benefit from a guaranteed interview with the ski school. Fernie is owned by Resort of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) who own many ski resorts in both western and eastern Canada. These interviews are a great practice experience and if you impress, could set you up with a job the following winter.

Work Experience +

Unique to this course - and essential to your instructor career prospects - is a wealth of work experience. If you are serious about an instructor career then this is one of the most valuable parts of the entire course. There are two formats: 1. Shadowing a local instrutor weekly (after you have obtained your level 1) for a half day session. 2. Taking your own real-life lessons as the lead instructor. Our "Community Days" events, enable you to put your newly aquired level 1 instructor qualification to use and teach local families. It's an amazing experience that will look great on your CV/resume and will help you establish a successful career as an instructor.

Optional Qualifications +

You'll have the opportunity to gain the following additional qualifications:

Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 +
Learn all you need to know to explore the backcountry.
First Aid +
Get qualified in first aid. A valuable qualification in all walks of life.
CSCF Race Coach Level 1 +
Learn the basics of racing drills and teaching young kids.
CSIA Snow Park +
Work on your freestyle skills and how to pass them on to others.
The More Program +

A contender for the highlight of this course! The More Program let's you get involved with dozens of winter activities and experiences during your time with us, from cat skiing to ice hockey, from weekend road trips to photography courses. We'll give you 25 "More credits" to select the activities you want to experience. Download the Course Brochure to see the full list.

Accommodation +

Choose to stay in the Red Tree Lodge or local houses in downtown Fernie. You'll have access to all the Red Tree Lodge facilities, including:

Breakfasts +

You'll be treated to an awesome breakfast at the Red Tree Lodge five days per week. Options include a coffee/tea, juices, cereals, toast, pastries, yogurt, fruit, porridge oats, as well as hot items like eggs, beans, sausages, hash browns or bacon.

Dinners +

Enjoy a hearty three course meal at the Red Tree Lodge four evenings a week. A soup and salad buffet will get you started, followed by a choice of healthy and filling nutritionally balanced main dishes before a well earned desert.

Transport +

If you arrive with the group flight (or land before), you can join the Nonstop airport transfer to the resort. All your transport within the resort is taken care of.

24 Hour Hosting +

Experienced, fun, welcoming, knowledgeable and local, the Nonstop hosts are central to your course experience. Your host will ensure your course runs smoothly so you can focus on achieving your goals and having fun. They'll be on hand 24/7 for a chat, laugh, or to solve any problems.

Weekly Socials +

Each week your host will organise team socials and après for all the group to get involved in

Optional Pre and Post Stay +

Come out before the course begins or stay on at the end. You'll have a season lift pass so it's just a case of booking extra accommodation.

Not Included +

These things are not included in the package:

Flights +
We can give you advice on the best flights to get.
Travel Insurance +
We can point you to insurance policies that previous clients have rated. Some offer discounts to Nonstop participants.
Ski Equipment +
It's best to buy your equipment when in resort, if you don't already have it. Our coaches will give you advice on the best skis to get, and you can get a Nonstop discount at some local shops.
Lunches & Weekend Meals +
Make your own or try out some of the local restaurants or resort options.
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