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All Mountain Pro

The ultimate choice for freeriders. (3 min read)

At Nonstop our goal is for all our guests to leave Canada being able to ski or ride the whole mountain, whatever the conditions, in control, with style, and having fun. If you are more interested in personal performance than becoming an instructor, the AMP certification is the perfect solution to focus on your freeriding.


What is AMP?


Exclusive to Nonstop, AMP (All Mountain Pro) is a structured development program that has set standards and defined goals centred around all-mountain skills.


AMP is offered on our 11 week instructor courses in Canada during the second half of the program. After completing the CSIA or CASI Level 1, participants have the choice of continuing with Level 2 instructor training or purely focussing on all-mountain improvement.


In the AMP pathway, the emphasis is entirely on your personal skiing or snowboarding and you are not taught how to teach the skills you learn.

AMP skills


With AMP, you'll push your skiing or snowboarding to a new level. Coaching is focused on improving skills across the mountain so that you can fluidly tackle powder, trees, moguls and steeps, while confidently hitting jumps and drops with style.


You will focus on different skills throughout the program, culminating in an assessment at the end of the course. Every week includes video analysis, a one-on-one review of your weekly progress, and ongoing individual feedback with clear direction on how to improve your skills. The areas you will focus on are:


  • Short radius turns
  • Linked carving
  • Gladed tree runs
  • Mogul runs
  • Drop ins
  • Controlled air time
  • Expression session
  • Free run


AMP stages


There are two certification stages to AMP which correspond to the standards of the CSIA/CASI Level 1 and 2 qualifications.


  • AMP Stage 1 is offered to everyone on the 11 week course just after the Level 1 assessment.
  • AMP Stage 2 is available is the second half of the course as an alternative to the Level 2 instructor qualification.


At the end of each AMP stage there are a series of ‘ride-offs’ that test and challenge the AMP skill set. The weekly themes prepare you for the AMP test day. The ride offs include a big mountain free run, a drop in and a mogul run, among others.


The AMP test days are always a highlight of the season for the AMP riders and the instructors love watching AMP'ers put it all on the line to find out who’s the most AMP'ed rider.

All mountain experiences


In addition to the skills you learn in our coaching sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to further your experiences through our wide range of activities, such as:


  • Avalanche and backcountry courses
  • Shadowing the ski patrol
  • Participating in completions or local events
  • Visiting other ski resorts


Get AMP’ed


If you’re ready to take your skiing or snowboarding to a new level and dominate the mountain, check out our ski instructor courses / snowboard instructor courses.

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