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Our Story

Who We Are

Born over a decade ago out of an obsession with the mountains, Nonstop runs a collection of ski and snowboard courses for those that share a love of snow and dream of pushing their level.

Our Roots

It was in the backcountry of Fernie, British Columbia that the Nonstop concept was conceived. The idea was to combine progressive ski and snowboard coaching with like-minded travellers to create truly life-enhancing experiences in the mountains. We will forever look back to Fernie as our original source of inspiration, and blueprint for future exploits: a hardcore hill combined with a real mountain community. This has fuelled our expeditions across Canada and beyond.

The Nonstop Collective

Progression is addictive, and runs through us as skiers and snowboarders. Our ethos centres on pushing limits and fostering a community of like-minded people. Over the years we’ve added to our portfolio of courses. We now offer instructor and patrol courses, plus all-mountain and backcountry courses in select mountain destinations across the world. A collective of skiers, snowboarders, instructors, guides and advisors.


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Our Clients

Sam Bean Gap Year
Fernie has exceeded what I expected. Both the town and resort are epic and have a lot to be explored. It has been the trip of a lifetime, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Paul Rolph Life Change
The best decision I ever made was to come on the Nonstop program. It has not only made my snowboarding infinitely better, but started me on a new direction in life.
Heather Browne Sabbatical
I loved every minute of my time in Fernie and it's opened my mind to life outside of a 9 to 5 existence!
Alexander Wong Improvement Seeker
Unforgettable, not only is it a well organised and eventful course, it's been a great venue to make many friends and meet like minded people!
Tom Bish Aspiring Instructor
Without doubt, the best experience of my life! No more needs to be said! Set me up to work as a ski instructor with the awesome snow school at Fernie Alpine Resort.
Ben Honey Adventurer
The course surpassed all expectations and has taught me to embrace the unexpected in life. I've pushed myself and my riding has been taken to a level I didn't think possible.

Our Team

Jens-Mende_360x240.jpg Jens Mende Ski Technical Director – Fernie
Clarence-Gagnon_360x240.jpg Clarence Gagnon Snowboard Technical Director – Fernie
alex-chapman.jpg Alex Chapman Head Ski Coach - Les 2 Alpes
Anna-Steckle_360x240.jpg Anna Steckle Head Ski Coach – Banff
Brian-Baker_360x240.jpg Brian Baker Snowboard Coach - Banff
Tom-Gibson_360x240.jpg Tom Gibson Ski Coach - Fernie
Andy-Blakemore_360x240.jpg Andy Blakemore Ski Coach - Fernie
Charlie-Valentine_360x240.jpg Charlie Valentine Ski Coach - Banff
Daniel-Deschenes_360x240.jpg Daniel Deschenes Ski Coach - Fernie
Dwight-Gross_360x240.jpg Dwight Gross Ski Coach - Fernie
Lucy-Harrup_360x240.jpg Lucy Harrup Snowboard Coach - Fernie
Alex-Thomas_360x240.jpg Alex Thomas Snowboard Coach - Fernie
Julián-Perez-de-Camino_360x240.jpg Julián Perez de Camino Ski Coach - Banff
IMG_8882-2.jpg Petra Eikelenboom Fernie Host
Rupert-Taylor_360x240.jpg Rupert Taylor Founder & Managing Director
Dave-Richards_360x240.jpg Dave Richards Canadian Operations Director
IMG_8918.jpg Max Kuenssberg Head of Sales
DSC06324.jpg Ben Prichard Head of Marketing
IMG_8876.jpg Claire Husband Head of Service
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