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Our Story

Who We Are

Established in 2002, Nonstop is the home of ski & snowboard instructor courses, improvement courses and backcountry adventures, delivered in handpicked mountain destinations across the world. Every year we gather in the world's best ski areas joined by troops of adventurers, set on taking their skills to new levels and redefining what it means to ski and snowboard. From aspiring snowsports instructors, to those seeking a gap year, career break, holiday or challenge.

Our Roots

The seed of Nonstop was sown in 2002 on a typically deep powder day whilst cat skiing in the British Columbian backcountry. Our founder, Rupert, had spent the winter in Fernie working as a snowboard instructor and dreamed of bringing the experience to more people.


The vision was simple: to deliver the best ski and snowboard coaching experiences imaginable in the most authentic resorts, and build a community of powder-seeking skiers and snowboarders who revel in the mountains and connect through sharing turns. 


We launched our inaugural program in 2003 in Fernie with our famous 11 week instructor course, which very much remains at the heart of our business. Today, we continue to expand our programs and now deliver over 20 courses across three continents in some of the world's best resorts. 

Our Philosophy

Untamed mountain destinations, inspirational coaching and immersive winter experiences form the fabric of Nonstop.


Fernie was our blueprint; an unbelievable mountain, bucket loads of powder, gnarly terrain and a welcoming community. Each of our locations has been handpicked to deliver on all fronts.


If location was the heart of our programs, our coaches would be the backbone. Our team of pros will help you achieve your goals on snow, take you to new highs and share their secrets on the mountain.


Beyond ski and snowboard coaching, we encourage adventure and exploration, and pushing your own boundaries, by throwing yourself into mountain life.


And the glue that holds it all together: you. Lucky for us, some pretty cool people tend to be drawn to the mountains, united by a shared love. We don't know exactly who'll be on your course, but you can put money on it that the people you'll ride with will be awesome!

Our Clients

Sam Bean Gap Year
Fernie has exceeded what I expected. Both the town and resort are epic and have a lot to be explored. It has been the trip of a lifetime, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Paul Rolph Life Change
The best decision I ever made was to come on the Nonstop program. It has not only made my snowboarding infinitely better, but started me on a new direction in life.
Heather Browne Sabbatical
I loved every minute of my time in Fernie and it's opened my mind to life outside of a 9 to 5 existence!
Alexander Wong Improvement Seeker
Unforgettable, not only is it a well organised and eventful course, it's been a great venue to make many friends and meet like minded people!
Tom Bish Aspiring Instructor
Without doubt, the best experience of my life! No more needs to be said! Set me up to work as a ski instructor with the awesome snow school at Fernie Alpine Resort.
Ben Honey Adventurer
The course surpassed all expectations and has taught me to embrace the unexpected in life. I've pushed myself and my riding has been taken to a level I didn't think possible.

Our Team

Jens-Mende_360x240.jpg Jens Mende Ski Technical Director – Fernie Jens comes with a hell of a lot of experience, having been a CSIA Level 4 since 1989. He loves sharing his passion and of course hunting for powder.
Clarence-Gagnon_360x240.jpg Clarence Gagnon Snowboard Technical Director – Fernie Clarence is our head snowboard honcho. He's a CASI Level 4 and is full of energy and love for the sport of snowboarding. He flies planes in the summer. Pretty cool dude!
Anna-Steckle_360x240.jpg Anna Steckle Head Ski Coach – Banff Anna's the mother figure for so many of our participants! A goddess on snow, she's been skiing in Canada her whole life and has even contributed to parts of the CSIA manual.
Brian-Baker_360x240.jpg Brian Baker Snowboard Coach - Banff
Jesse-Druxerman_360x240.jpg Jesse Durxerman Snowboard Coach - Fernie
Jono-Squires_360x240.jpg Jono Squires Ski Coach - Fernie
Andy-Blakemore_360x240.jpg Andy Blakemore Ski Coach - Fernie
Charlie-Valentine_360x240.jpg Charlie Valentine Ski Coach - Banff
Chloe-Sigouin_360x240.jpg Chloe Sigouin Ski Coach - Fernie
Daniel-Deschenes_360x240.jpg Daniel Deschenes Ski Coach - Fernie
Dwight-Gross_360x240.jpg Dwight Gross Ski Coach - Fernie
Tom-Gibson_360x240.jpg Tom Gibson Ski Coach - Fernie
Lucy-Harrup_360x240.jpg Lucy Harrup Snowboard Coach - Fernie
Mark-Impey_360x240.jpg Mark Impey Ski Technical Director - Red Mountain
Alex-Thomas_360x240.jpg Alex Thomas Snowboard Coach - Fernie
Mark-Hatch_360x240.jpg Mark Hatch Host - Fernie
Lisa-Smith_360x240.jpg Lisa Smith Host - Banff
Rupert-Taylor_360x240.jpg Rupert Taylor Founder & Managing Director
Ben-Prichard_360x240.jpg Ben Prichard Marketing Manager
Max-Kuenssberg_360x240.jpg Max Kuenssberg Sales Manager
Dave-Richards_360x240.jpg Dave Richards Operations Director
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