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Ski + snowboard instructor jobs

Find your dream job on slopes around the world. (5 min read)

Not everyone is cut out for a standard 9-5. If you’re looking to pursue a less well-trodden path, travel the world, and ski or snowboard for a living, we’re here to help.


Read through our guide to landing a job as an instructor, and discover current opportunities for graduates of our courses.




Before embarking on a career as an instructor, you first need to be qualified by a recognised body. You’ll want to qualify with a body that is part of the ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association), allowing you to instruct across the globe. Organisations such as the CSIA, BASI and NZSIA are extremely well-regarded worldwide.


There are usually four levels of certification and to teach around the world you’ll normally need a level 2. As you gain experience, you can work towards the higher levels, as well as specialise in certain disciplines.


For budding instructors, the most straightforward way to achieve instructor status is by completing a ski instructor course or snowboard instructor course. Check out our guide on how to become an instructor for more detail.


Where to work


As an instructor you can teach all over the world, but before settling on somewhere you must consider:


  • Where your qualifications are recognised
  • Whether you need, and can secure, a working visa


With an internationally-recognised qualification and visa eligibility, chances are you’ll be able to instruct almost anywhere. Popular destinations for ski and snowboard instructors include:


  • North America - Canada, USA
  • Europe - UK, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria
  • Asia - Japan, China
  • Oceania - New Zealand, Australia


How to find a job


Landing a job as a ski or snowboard instructor can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re starting out as a rookie. But with the right attitude, you’ll have no trouble securing your dream position. Here are a few tips:


  • Shortlist opportunities. Start by shortlisting some of the countries and resorts you wish to work at and check out their websites for further information.
  • Touch base with your training company and utilise their network of snow school connections. Nonstop, for example, has a large database of contacts exclusively for our graduates to use.
  • Ask your trainers for advice and a reference. They may be able to recommend where you should consider teaching, put you directly in touch with the right person, and offer a respected reference.
  • Cast the net wide. For maximum success, send out as many applications as you can and introduce yourself to any many employers as possible
  • Ensure your application is on point. It goes without saying, but take time to prepare your CV and cover letter to best sell yourself.


Are you a rookie?


As a rookie instructor without experience, it can be challenging to secure work at big-name resorts. Snow schools at such resorts will be inundated with applications, probably from more experienced pros with higher level qualifications.


When you’re breaking into the industry, it can play to your favour to work at smaller ski hills, where you’ll receive lots of work and gain experience quickly. With a season’s instructing under your belt, more doors will open and you’ll have many more options.


When to apply


When to apply will vary from resort to resort. To be certain you should look at the website of the resort you are interested in applying to. If in doubt, it is always better to be slightly early rather than too late.


For the northern hemisphere, you should start looking at end of June / beginning of July.


For the southern hemisphere, you can start applying to some resorts in January but some don’t take applications until February or March.


What to consider


You won’t always have the luxury of choosing where you work. You may send out many applications but only hear back from a few. However, as you gain experience and ascend the instructor levels, you’ll have many more options. If you do, it’s a good idea to take your time selecting a resort and employer that will suit your goals.


Factors you may want to consider include:


  • How much work you want or need – how many hours/days can you expect to work? Are you guaranteed a minimum number of hours? How long is the season?
  • Remuneration and perks – what is the rate of pay for your level and what else is included (e.g. accommodation)? Are there opportunities to earn extra money?
  • Amount and quality of the training – if you are working towards your next level of certification, you’ll want to ensure the snow school offers regular training
  • Long-term prospects – will there be an opportunity to return in the future? Will the snow school sponsor you to come back?
  • Size of the resort – how big is the resort and is there enough terrain to keep you challenged and motivated?
  • Average snowfall – how much snow does the resort receive? Will you get many powder days?
  • Whether the resort has a good terrain park – if you’re a park rat and enjoy teaching freestyle, you may want to work at a resort with a decent park.


Current positions


Every year we’re approached by snow schools from around the world seeking ski and snowboard instructors to join their teams.


They are always keen to see applications from graduates of our ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses. Here are a few current opportunities.


Ski instructors


Resort: Hakuba, Japan


Employer: Hakuba Ski Concierge
Season: 2018/19
Start date: Dec 2018
Application closing date: 31 Sep 2018


Description: Hakuba Ski Concierge is hiring ski instructors for the 2018/19 season. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a small team for a memorable winter in one of the world’s snowiest places.




  • Minimum level 3 internationally recognised instructing qualification
  • Minimum of 3 full seasons teaching experience
  • Current first aid and CPR certification
  • Valid visa for japan or eligibility for a working holiday visa
  • International driving licence with snow driving experience


Remuneration + perks: Competitive pay, season pass and access to a vehicle


How to apply: Please send a CV and cover letter to



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