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Get Ready For The Winter

Getting fit for a ski holiday or season does't have to be a 'task', it can be a super fun way to get active and get outside. If you want to get the most out of your winter, enjoy it to the fullest and perform at your best, you'll benefit greatly from undertaking some basic training before the lifts open. Ski athletes and instructors alike will prime themselves for the season in a number of ways, getting their bodies in the best condition possible to achieve whatever their goals are for the winter.

In this post we'll take you through some basic exercises you can do to get yourself ready to charge on the slopes, and keep doing so all winter long. We've teamed up with snowboard and gym instructor Marty from Evolution Gym in Fernie to show you the best winter-specific exercises you can do to get in tip-top condition. Nonstop coach Tom Gibson is on hand to give some great demos. These exercises don't take long, are easy to squeeze into your day, and the best part is you can do them pretty much anywhere.


A proper warm-up gets you moving and helps lubricate your joints to prepare you for the strength training that follows. Watch the video and have a go.

Strength Movements

After completing a warm-up it's time to move onto strength movements. The exercises Marty shows you in the next three videos are great for building core strength and stability.

Exercises for Home

In the next video Marty shows you some simple exercises you can easily squeeze into your day at home. These are great if you are pressed for time, keeping you active and helping get you ready for the winter.

Explosive Movements

The next phase in your preparation is to have a go an these explosive, power movements. These exercises are a bit more advanced so make sure you ave built up some strength.

Get Ready on the Slopes

After building up some basic core strength and stability, the next phase for getting ready to take on the winter is to get back out on the slopes and work on your technique. Every pro athlete in the land does this before the start of each season. To kick your winter off the right way and refine your technique, join our early-season ski camp in Cervnia, Italy.

Early-Season Ski Camp


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