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5 reasons to book your instructor course early

Be ahead of the game to land yourself the perfect trip with no compromise. (3 min read)

Good things come to those who plan. Sure, we’re all for a bit of impulsiveness every now and then, but when it comes to booking a ski or snowboard instructor course, the early-bird catches the worm.


Here are five reasons to get signed up early.


1. Take your pick


Fancy a season in powder-heaven, riding with inspirational coaches and a crew of like-minded people, living in a spacious lodge featuring queen-sized beds, a bubbling hot tub and a well-stocked bar? You won’t be the only one.


If you want first dibs on our courses, destinations and accommodations, there’s only one answer: book early. Spaces on our programs are limited and popular options get snapped up quickly. Be proactive, figure out what you want to achieve, and make your dream season happen.


Speak to a course advisor to get the lowdown on what's hot, ability levels, resorts, accommodation options and anything else you want to know.

2. Early-bird deals


Those who sign up first will get to take advantage of our early-bird pricing. Book well ahead and you’ll secure your course at an early-bird rate, which usually ends around the April/May mark.


If you’re seeking adventure, keep your eyes peeled. We’ve been known to throw in one of our MORE activities as a booking reward for first-movers, from powder-chasing road trips to guided backcountry touring days.


3. Easy payment


Signing up to a ski or snowboard instructor course is a big investment, but you don’t need to pay for the whole thing in one fell swoop. We’ve got a nifty payment plan that makes booking your course early a no-brainer.


To secure your place you just need to put down a £350/$700 deposit. The remaining balance is due in two equal instalments after that.


Check out our article on how to afford an instructor course.

4. Get yourself season-ready


When the time finally comes and you arrive in resort, you’ll want to hit the ground running. Booking your program early gives you ample time to get yourself prepared for the season; physically, mentally, financially or otherwise.


From conditioning your body for the demands of the slopes and booking your flights, to saving a season-fund and buying new gear, being well-organised gives you time to focus on what matters.


5. Peace of mind


Let’s face it, you’ve probably got a lot going on. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a major development at work or you’ve got your head buried in books at college or university? Maybe you’re travelling elsewhere and don’t have time for indecision?


Getting your plans for the season locked in early gives you peace of mind and a helluva journey to look forward to. With everything set and no decisions to agonise over, all you need to worry about is how you’re going to get by until you’re chest deep in powder.



Don’t wait around. If you know what you want to achieve from your season, book your ski instructor course / snowboard instructor course before the rest. And if you’ve got any questions, we’re here to help.

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