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Nonstop Secures World Title... Again

The World Snow Awards were announced on Saturday 1 November, where Nonstop were once again shortlisted in the finals. This time round, after winning the Best UK Tour Operator title in 2013, we were up for Best UK Specialist Tour Operator. This award was reserved exclusively for winter sports specialists and saw us up against stiff competition with a passionate following. It was therefore a total shock to be announced as runaway winners, with an apparent "vast majority" of the public vote. Needless to say we're delighted we got so many votes, and have been reflecting on our victory...

Reporting on the results The Telegraph announced 'this unstoppable powerhouse ran away with the award, snagging the vast majority of the public vote'. So how come we managed to not only win, but do so by such a huge margin? What makes Nonstop so special? Every year we have delighted clients who report having had the time of their lives on a Nonstop course; whether it's an improvement camp taken as a vacation, a break from their career, a gap year before or after university or even a route into the instructor industry. 

We have great people

Our ski and snowboard pros are the best in the business, you simply won't be in better hands when you're on the hill. Our team in Canada are locals, they know the resorts like the back of their hands and will do everything they can to make your stay the best it can be. 

We have the best resorts

We operate in the resorts that are going to bring out the best in our clients. We choose them for their challenging terrain and fantastic snow conditions. It's been said time and time again, but you will only be as good as the terrain on which you train. So we select the resorts that are going to make you as good as you can be. 

Nonstop is an amazing experience

Whether you're with us for one week or 11, we're committed to giving you the best time possible. Our amazing teams both on and off snow will look after you from the first time you get in touch until you get home again, and beyond. You'll not only conquer terrain with a confidence you have perhaps only dreamed of, you'll also get a taste of living in amazing Canadian mountain communities. You will spend your time with us amongst like minded people and even make friends for life. And we know that learning is fun - whether it's mastering riding in trees, powder, bumps or stomping your first trick or one you've been desperate to achieve for a while. 

So why did Nonstop achieve such a resounding victory? The honest answer is that we sit here today as delighted as we were a year ago when we clinched our first World Snow Awards title. And we aren't necessarily any closer to knowing with complete certainty what it is that was the deciding factor in getting people to vote for us. What we do know is that we're obviously doing something right, and we're committed to continuing to give Nonstop clients the best experience possible. If as a result it's an experience worth voting for, even better. 

If you're keen to find out what makes the Nonstop experience so special, why not join us on a holiday, gap year, instructor training or career break.

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