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Banff 11 Week Instructor Course Testimonials and Reviews

Choosing where to do your 11 week instructor course can be a super challenging decision... although you've got to admit it's a pretty good problem to have! If you're looking for breathtaking scenery, the largest ski-able terrain in North America and a buzzing town with something different on every night then Banff might just be your dream home for the season. Below you'll find some feedback we had from the 12/13 crew that completed our 11 week course there...

If you'd like to speak to any of them to find out why their time was so awesome let us know and we will put you in touch

The Banff Instructor Course Participants
I had the best time of my life; I don't want to go home and never want it to end! So much fun and there was always really good support from the instructors and the Nonstop team. This experience has made me decide that I definitely want to be part of the skiing industry for the rest of my life. To top it all off I’ve made some lifelong friends. Brad Nauman: 19, Yorkshire

The course is so much fun. I’ve met loads of lovely people and learnt so much about my skiing! Our accommodation was amazing; the staff at Irwin’s Inn are so friendly and the best thing is that it’s in such a great location, it’s so good being so close to the centre of town and having the bus for the resorts pick us up right outside is ideal. Banff is such an amazing town. Abi Staines: 19, London

Thank you very much to everyone for everything! Best time of my life. Nonstop is awesome!! Can’t imagine going home anymore! I loved all the instructors and how supportive they were in getting us all to meet our goals. The management of the course was great, especially Emily (course host) who made sure we were looked after at all times. AMAZING. Dan Hughes: 19, Derbyshire

The skiing was so sick and the nightlife was great. Everybody on the course, from the Nonstop staff to the other participants, were amazing. Don't think about it, just do it! Adam Norman: 18, Bath

#incredible! Adam Buffery: 19, Shropshire

Brian and Marc (snowboard instructors) are the best instructors possible! This was the greatest experience; I loved meeting loads of people from all around the world! Would recommend the course to anyone and the snow is amazing in Canada. Much better snow than most people will ever experience! And not to forget the nightlife! Ben Openshaw: 19, London

One of the best things I have ever done, I've met some friends for life and have learnt so much about my riding with Marc Tanguay and Brian Baker - I couldn't have hoped for better instructors. Have been on some real adventures and ridden slopes I didn't know would be possible to ride! Coming from working in an office to riding in the mountains every day has given me a great sense of freedom and a welcome break from my life back home. I'm now hoping to go on and instruct in New Zealand and see where it takes me. James Armstrong: 27, Derbyshire

A very enjoyable experience to say the least! Banff always has something to do and all the extra activities make it a full on course. There has not been a single dull moment and I think the course as a whole has been put together extremely well. Oli Houghton: 19, Cambridge

Absolutely amazing. The AMP programme was incredible – everyone should do it! Chloe Hassel: 18, Bucks

Chilling By the Bonfire!

Amazing. Brian and Marc (snowboard instructors) are two of the best people you could ever hope to ride with.... their teaching style is the perfect mix of fun and insightful feedback. Will Barrett: 19, Leamington Spa

The course was an awesome mix of snowboarding and good times off the slopes. Amazing instructors, awesome set up and plenty of brilliant memories. Jay Balmer: 19, Cumbria

This course has easily been the best thing I've ever done. I have got loads better at skiing and made some good mates. The best thing about the course has to be the instructors – so much fun to ski with. Max Flynn: 19, Devon

Best three months of my life...again! If I could financially justify coming back for a third year, I definitely would! Nonstop telemark perhaps??! Olive Le Poidevin: 23, Jersey (completed the course as a skier and a snowboarder!)

I’ve had some of the best times of my life and learned so much from the instructors. Good times all around, you can tell this is easily the best course in Banff. Andrew Weinrich: 22, Edmonton

This has been the most life changing experience; I have loved every moment being here. Ben Nicholls: 18, London

Amazing, life changing! Joel Gardner: 19, Brighton

Overlooking Banff

I’ve had a really great time and have had the best experience of my life. The skiing was immense and I’ve never come across such amazing scenery. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. Tristan Burrow: 18, Edinburgh

I’ve had an amazing time on this course...I’m sure you are sick of hearing that but it’s true! It’s been so good meeting so many amazing people and I’ve learnt to be confident in terrain that I never thought I would be happy skiing. I can honestly say I have had more fun in the last three months and met more interesting amazing people than I thought was possible! All the Nonstop staff are so helpful and accommodating, which seems to attract a really special group of people. Loved it! Kate Moloney: 23, NSW, Australia

I thought the course was well organised with plenty happening on and off the snow. The meals were great at El Toro and the instruction was brilliant. Stephen Cousins: Cambridge, 18

It has been the best experience of my life and wouldn't change a single thing about it! Emily Street: 19, London

A Skiing Group in Banff

One of the best experiences of my life! I have had an amazing time.... have made such good friends and improved my skiing to an extent I never thought possible!! I would recommend it to anyone; you'll have the best time, make lifelong friends and memories! Harriet Berry: 18, Oxfordshire

Have enjoyed the people, the extra activities, and of course the skiing. This has definitely been the best three months of my life!  Izzy Mortl: 18, Tasmania, Australia

The best three months of my life! Awesome people, awesome skiing, awesome nights out and awesome food.  Emily Cook: 18, London

The course was epic fun... the skiing over the past 11 weeks has been absolutely amazing and the nightlife in Banff is so much fun! Absolutely loved the instructors. Alex Campbell: 19, Surrey

I will never forget the instructors; Mark and Brian were so great. Our course hosts Emily and Ryan were always so helpful and kind. Couldn't have asked for a better season. Unbelievable, unforgettable, have made so many friends that will never be forgotten and memories that will be with me forever. My liver hated it though! Matt Marsden: 21, Nottingham

The recurring word there seemed to be 'amazing'! If you're a skier or a snowboarder that wants to find out more about our 11 week instructor course in Banff the be sure to contact us - we can put you in touch with past participants, whilst our course advisors Max and Harriet have both spent seasons there too.

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