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Fernie 3 Week Instructor Diary - Week 3

This weeks blog comes from Adam Reid with input from his roommate and fellow finder of bromance David Sarson. Thanks Guys!

Monday & Tuesday,  Evaluations start & biggest low of the course

8.30am started the evaluations today with some anticipation, not really knowing what was in store and who might be in our 'cells'.  The cells are basically groups we are put into for the next 3 days.  As the CASI level 1 course is also open to the public we were mixed in with them.  This, compounded with the way the CASI course is run made for a real low point... basically, everyone on the NONSTOP course had been trained and prepared to such a high level that the start of the course felt like such a massive regression. Today's evaluations included some workshops, DVD watching and some rider evaluation.  The Instructors also gave us an overview of the types of teaching strategies they would like to see over the next two days!  Monday night was spent thumbing through our new course books whist suppin' on a few beers.

Tuesday continued the rider evaluations in the morning and the afternoon began our first proper teach.  We are given various scenarios to test our teaching know-how and abilities. My first senario was to take sporting colloge kids through their 'Power Pendulems' (falling leaf to you and me ;)... being as they were adults I suggested they they use their lead hands to point at (imaginary) naked chicks along the ski slopes... worked a treat at gettin' them moving :)

Wednesday - Graduation day!

Today we were allowed a later start to evaluations, 9.30!  Score!   We had previously been made aware that we were to be teaching little buggers - aka  6 year old kids, so I had spent a bit of time the night before coming up with various scenarios which would keep them actively involved in the lessons.  My room mate Dave was also on the same instructor course so it helped that I could run my teaching ideas by him... the end result was Superman-Pack Man the power pill muncher!  Seriously, it worked!  I had the little bug.. kids turning circles and having fun!  As a bonus the evaluators were also in hysterics and thereafter referred to me as 'pill boy'.   By the last scenario the evaluators had figured out my mind set and gave me a 23 year old, scant clad lady with one thing on her mind... and were not talking about her new found passion for snowboarding!

The end of the day we grouped in the Griz (day lodge) awaiting our results.  Not much was said as our certificates where handed out, other than the standard cheers of congratulations and the vigorous shaking of hands... NonStop had achieved 100% success with all their Snowboarders.  Along with our certificates we also received CASI pins which we proudly placed about our selves and then hit the bar for some heavy celebrating!

Thurday and Friday -  Winding down
The last few days in Fernie were spent shredding the hill and rekindling our love of snowboarding.  3 weeks on the greens and blues had taken their toll and we really hadn't had enough time to enjoy the masses of advanced terrain Fernie has to offer.

NonStop have put together an excellent package and deserve their reputation for hosting an awesome, non-stop instructor package!

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