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Covid-19 Booking Policy

Info on your winter 2021/22 options and our Covid booking policies. It's time to get excited about returning to the mountains!


Covid Refund Commitment
If your Course is cancelled due to Covid choose either a free date change, credit to a future course, or a full refund.

Financial Protection
Your investment is secure; every booking is fully financially protected.


It’s time to get excited. It’s time to make plans.

Since Covid-19 first disrupted all our lives back in spring 2020, planning the future has been all but impossible. With several false starts trying to launch courses in Canada and France we eventually accepted that winter 2020/21 was almost** a complete right off.

Now, at last, there seems to be end in sight; the impressive speed of the vaccine roll-outs and the positive early indications of the vaccines’ effect on the virus has given us optimism that we will be able to operate our courses in winter 21/22.

For those of us with a passion for snow and mountains, missing out on the annual pilgrimage to our ‘happy place’ has been, to put it mildly, a major disappointment. Combine this frustration with the boredom of lockdown restrictions and it’s only natural that everyone in our snowsports community is itching to make plans to once again have fun on the slopes.
From the surge in both enquiries and bookings over the past few months it’s abundantly clear that the media’s reports of a “huge wave of pent up demand for travel” is definitely not fake news!

And all of us at Nonstop are ready to give you the trip you deserve. Whether it’s our instructors, guides, drivers, hosts, chefs, hotel staff, or the office team, we’re keener than we’ve ever been to  help our guests to have a truly amazing experience, to progress skills, achieve goals, and to meet and socialise with like-minded people. When we finally meet again, it’s going to feel incredible.

But let’s not get too carried away just yet. The truth is Covid has a habit off throwing curve balls at us (‘wrecking balls’ might be more apt) and there are still many months between now and November when our first courses (in Cervinia, Italy) are scheduled to start. Yes, we should dream, make bookings, secure flights, but we should also stay realistic that disruption could return. With that in mind, here is our Covid-19 Refund Policy:

The key facts:


  • Reduced deposit: Secure your place with a reduced deposit of just $400 or £200
  • Full refunds: If your course is cancelled due to Covid restrictions, then we’ll provide a full refund
  • Protection: Your booking is protected through our Financial Failure Insurance
  • Covid-safety: Safety is paramount on our courses; precautions are key


** We were fortunate to be able to operate one course (it’s normally about 35!) during the 2020/21 season: our 10-week Ski Patrol Training Course. In addition, we were able to welcome keen skiers and riders to our Ski Lodge in Fernie, BC.



Nonstop purchases Financial Failure Insurance each time a guest books a course. This protection is arranged through Towergate Underwriting Group and is a legal requirement for all travel package providers.

In the unlikely event of Nonstop’s insolvency each guest whom has not yet travelled will receive all monies paid in full. Should a guest be in resort at the time of insolvency, the guest will be repatriated, at no cost to them, to the point of departure. Should a guest decide to continue with their Holiday the policy will pay all reasonable costs to allow the guest to continue with their Holiday plans.


Nonstop will be operating our wide range of ski/snowboard coaching camps and instructor courses in Canada next winter (21/22).

While Canada’s international borders have been largely closed since March 2020, with the rapid roll-out of the vaccination program the anticipation is that Canada will open up to international tourists from the autumn of 2021. We are feeling optimistic that the Canadian ski season will be largely normal and that our loyal international guests will be able to make it over.

We operate several courses in Europe including our extremely popular 5-day “warm-up” camps in Cervinia, Italy (late Nov – early Dec), and our 10 week BASI ski and snowboard instructor course in Les Deux Alpes, France.

Every expectation is that travel to Europe will resume at some point during summer 2021 and that the 21/22 ski season will see tourists return to the Alps.

Our 2021 ski instructor training courses in Treble Cone (Wanaka), New Zealand are available to book and we have hopes that they’ll operate as normal. Currently, it’s not possible for travellers to enter New Zealand but this could change between now and the courses starting in early July 2021; new testing capabilities are likely to enable travel to return to normality and the successful vaccine roll-out may enable travel to NZ. Places are limited and after all the constraints on fun in the last 12 months we’re expecting the course to fill up fast. You can secure your place with a booking deposit and will receive a full refund in the event the course can’t go ahead.



There are several scenarios which might lead to your course being cancelled due to Covid disruption. Here’s how we’d handle them:

If the ski resort lifts close before your course starts, we will formally cancel the course and offer you the following options:


  • Move your full funds to another course in the 2021/22 season, with no change fee.
  • Funds on account to be used towards a course within the next two years.
  • Full refund if the above options are not suitable for you.

If a course has started and we are subsequently forced to end it prematurely due to Covid-19, we will refund you on a pro-rata basis. As an example, this means that if you miss out on the final three weeks of a 10 week course, you will receive a refund of 30% of your course fee.

The only amendment to this is in the event your package included a significant item that had already been used and for which we could not recover a refund from our suppliers. For example, if a season pass has already been used for the equivalent number of days that makes a season pass cheaper than day tickets, the lift company may not provide a pro-rata refund.

If the border of the country your course is scheduled in (e.g. Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand) closes to international visitors, then we will provide you with the following options:


  • Move your full funds to another course in the 2021/22 season, with no change fee.
  • Funds on account to be used towards a course within the next two years.
  • Full refund if the above options are not suitable for you.

If the Canadian authorities prevent Canadians from travelling between provinces and this results in you not being able to reach your course, we will provide you with the following options:


  • Move your full funds to another course in the 2021/22 season, with no change fee.
  • Funds on account to be used towards a course within the next two years.
  • Full refund if the above options are not suitable for you.

If you live in an area which has been ordered into a local lockdown (as has now happened across several areas), then you may be required to stay at home if the Government advises against all but essential travel to, from and within the area.

In this instance you should contact your insurance company right away.

If your travel insurance doesn’t provide cancellation cover for this instance, we’ll provide the following option:


  • Refund you all recoverable costs.

If you have symptoms, are diagnosed with Covid or are advised to self-isolate within 14 days of your course starting, it’s unlikely that you will be able to join us. The only exception is that in the case of our longer duration (8-11 week) courses – you may be able to join us a few weeks after the course has started once you have recovered. Please contact us as quickly as possible and we will do our very best to help you.

You must contact your travel insurance provider.


If your travel insurance doesn’t provide cancellation cover for this instance, we’ll provide the following options:


  • Move your full course fee to another course in the 2021/22 season, with no change fee.
  • Funds on account to be used towards a course within the next two years.

You’ll need to provide us with a medical certificate, or confirmation that you have been advised to self-isolate, so that we can amend your course booking with our suppliers.


Two exceptions to these rules are for guests on our Master the Mountain or Ski Patrol courses where there may be significant unrecoverable costs. We will do our best to fill or sell these components but if unsucessful, we will deduct the cost from any credit provided.


We advise delaying booking flights until nearer the date of departure, unless you find a great deal which makes it worth taking the risk. Some operators are offering a free flexi-change which you may decide makes purchasing your flight more risk-free. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss.


Should you start to feel unwell, you should stay in your room, seek medical assistance if required and immediately report any illness and symptoms to the hotel management.


If you start to display Covid symptoms whilst on your course, we will assist in isolating you and those who you have come into contact with. Depending on the availability of local testing we will attempt to arrange for everyone on the course to be tested.


If you do contract COVID-19, you’ll be expected to follow the specific procedures in place in your accommodation and destination. Our Course Host and residential team (available 24/7) will be there to support you, as will the staff at your accommodation.


The following policies were designed for the 2020/21 winter and we are hopeful that many of them will be unnecessary during the 2021/22 season when Covid vaccines, improved testing, and a reduction in Covid cases enable life to something close to normal. They remain published here in case we are required to implement some or all of them due to an increase in the Covid risk.

Naturally we all want the next winter to be as normal and as fun as possible, but we should recognise that this season’s courses could be different for both our guests and staff. Social distancing, masks, handwashing, perspex screens and staggered meal times will all contribute to making for an altered Nonstop experience. However, skiing and snowboarding and being outside in the mountains is not inherently Covid-risky and can still be enjoyed. Despite all the awkward precautions, we will strive to ensure that the course atmosphere is as inclusive, welcoming and rewarding as possible.


Our biggest focus is keeping our guests and staff safe, and we are closely following the guidelines and requirements of the destination Governments and local health authorities to minimise the risk of Coronavirus. We will work closely with all our suppliers to ensure that the prudent and mandated precautions are replicated across every aspect of your course.


In Canada, we have been successfully and safely operating our hotel business in Fernie, BC since June 2020 when we reopened to the public and have implemented many new protocols and procedures to ensure our staff and guests have remained safe and felt reassured. We have gained useful experience this summer that we will be taking into the winter season.

Our course hosts and residential teams have always provided care and support for any guest who has been injured or fallen ill while on a course. Further to this, in March 2020 we implemented measures to closely monitor the health of everyone in the Nonstop community (including staff, guests and our instructing team) and these continue. Measures include twice-daily temperature checks and broadly include:


  • Daily staff health self-assessments before entering any common space and/or commencing work
  • Daily guest health self-assessments before entering any common space (such as the restaurant or Nonstop vehicles)
  • Anyone that is visibly unwell at any point in your course, will be asked to self-isolate, we’ll arrange a Covid-test, and they will not be permitted to join activities until cleared to do so.

The core aspect of Nonstop is our world-class ski and snowboard coaching. This element of our package will remain broadly similar to normal winters although there will be some amendments:


  • Social distancing when groups meet, stop for breaks and pause on the side of the slopes
  • Resort mandates for the wearing of masks at the base and on lifts
  • Social distancing on chairlifts and in bubble lifts
  • Increased use of technology and video to provide feedback and self-analysis
  • Restricted classroom tech. sessions

We’ve chosen to limit our accommodation to hotel rooms (as opposed to houses/chalets) to enable more social distancing, private bathrooms, and easier and immediate facilities for self-isolation. In addition, you can expect:

  • Social distancing of 2m
  • Mask wearing in common areas
  • Hand sanitizer available in all common areas
  • Daily cleaning and sterilization protocols for:
    • High touch surfaces
    • Common Areas
    • Washrooms

In Fernie, BC we operate our own restaurant (  and have significant control over our operations. We will be implementing:


  • Staggered mealtimes to enable bubbles and wider spacing between tables
  • Table service only
  • Servers to wear masks
  • Guests to wear masks when entering and leaving the restaurant
  • Temperature checks of all Nonstop guests at breakfast and dinner
  • Hand sanitiser station available upon entry


Our supplier restaurants in Banff and France will be observing local guidelines.

Bus transportation is required for airport transfers and in certain destinations a daily shuttle to the resort is required. Safety procedures include:


  • Wider spacing (social distancing) between passengers
  • Driver and passengers will wear masks
  • Hand sanitiser station installed by the doors
  • All touch services will be sanitized before and after each trip

One of the central elements of Nonstop are the experiences and activities we arrange outside of the ski/snowboard coaching sessions. This winter we will be focusing on the many amazing outdoor experiences (think night skiing, torch-light decent, fire-pit parties, snow shoeing, xc skiing, fat-biking, snowmobiling, and ski touring) as opposed to the indoor or difficult-to-socially-distance events (like cheering on the local ice-hockey team, pub crawls, playing road-hockey, karaoke, road-trips etc). Lots of fun will still be had!



With so much changing so frequently (except our desire to ski) there are likely to be additional scenarios that come to mind or other questions you need to ask. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team and talk to us - contact us.

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