HOT DOG! 80′s ski clothing and dodgy ski styles

IMG_2918Amongst many Canadian resorts there is a certain day in the snow calendar that many people look forward to more than most, Hot Dog Day. The day represents an excuse to dress up ridiculously in highly unfashionable fluorescent 80’s ski wear and wind back the years with your on slope style.

Emanating from the ski cult classic film “Hot Dog”, the day is a favourite among locals and visitors to Canadian ski resorts. It’s basically a raucous 80’s film that uses skiing as an excuse for a storyline to show scantily clad men and women in steamy situations accompanied by some very risqué jokes.

Hot dog day crowd

Nonstop Ski & Snowboard has for the past two years held a charity auction of 70′s and 80′s ski clothes to raise money for various causes in Fernie. These have included support for local Cancer causes and community days at nearby ski schools, providing lessons and equipment for those previously unable to learn.

hot dog day jump

Next year you too could be in a polyester, 80s, yellow pink and green onsie with shoulder pads, living the dream! Check out our Fernie courses page to find out how.

You can also read about how this years Hot Dog Day went down with our 11 Week Instructor Course week 10 diary entry.

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