Svalbard Ski Marathon

If you watched the London Marathon last month you will have seen some amazing feats of endurance from professional athletes to the inspiring story of Major Phil Packer completing the course in 13 days after being told he would never walk again.For those that are looking for an even greater endurance test than the London Marathon then the Svalbard Ski Marathon will be right up your street. It is advertised as the “world’s northernmost cross country ski race” the Svalbard ski marathon is a serious test of endurance. The standard marathon consists of traversing 42km of rugged Norwegian terrain in what can often be sub-zero temperatures. If that doesn’t seem like enough of a challenge for you, I’m told that race officials need to hire a security team each year to protect racers from polar bears!

Alternatively there is the Arctic Circle Race that Graham Bell completed as part of the High Altitude Ski Sunday Show. This is a three day event where you have to complete a 47km marathon’s each day and then sleep in your tent in temperatutres dropping below -20!

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