February Catskiing trip

Last week our 6 Week Master the Mountain off piste camp crew got to exercise their powder legs to the max with a Cat-Skiing day at Fernie Wilderness Adventure. With a good dump of fresh snow overnight and a blue-bird forecast, it really was the perfect way to spend Valentines Day!

Pictures speak a thousand words and videos speak a thousand pictures, so here are a few captures from those who enjoyed the day:

id="attachment_8980" align="alignright" width="477"]Catboarding Simon Assender enjoying a sweet powder turn


id="attachment_8983" align="alignright" width="477"]Catboarding Fernie Jon and Vanessa enjoying the fresh stuff

id="attachment_8984" align="alignright" width="477"]Catskiing at its best Will Wickham enjoying catskiing at its best

id="attachment_8985" align="alignright" width="477"]Catski turn Dream turns catskiing


It looked like an epic day - which, to be fair, comes as standard when you're Cat-Skiing!

We offer the opportunity to go Cat-Skiing on all Nonstop courses, so come and get involved!


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