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Ski Film – Re:session 09/10

Nonstop | August 21st, 2009

Who cares if we’ve had our “last day of summer”…..SNOW time is on the way!

Teton Gravity Research have made their latest ski flick  “Re:session” and are due to release it in September 09. I can guarantee the trailer will leave you speechless.

After watching it NONSTOP founder/aggro snowboarder Rupert Taylor can be directly quoted “I want to be a skier.”…..Believe the hype.


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Once – Pearl Jam

Rupert | August 20th, 2009

On Wednesay I was lucky enough to see Pearl Jam play at the O2 Arena (aka: the Millenium Dome). If you’re not familiar with Pearl Jam’s music then check their songs out on SpotifyRead more »

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Some Good Skiing Tips

Tom | August 20th, 2009

We have been following this blog for a while and really like some of the advice that they give out. If you have a moment check it out, it provides weekly information and tips to help improve your personal skiing skills.

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The Summer Harvest

Tom | August 19th, 2009

When the sun is shining like it is right now then it is time to get the harvest in! In a slight break from some skiing news Tori, one of us who works in the London office, has been harvesting on a combine harvester!combine

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The Perfect Time For a Gap Year?

Nonstop | August 18th, 2009


The economic downturn has hit both graduates and undergraduates. Universities are downsizing courses, leaving many school leavers stumped at the first hurdle of higher education. Graduate jobs have plummeted by over 25% in the last year and there are 50 students applying for every place; the job market looks very bleak indeed for this year’s graduates. Therefore what better time is there for a structured Gap Year? Read more »

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