MTM#2 – Week 4

Fernie Week 4

As seasoned touring veterans, after last weeks introductions to touring, many of us are turning are focus to the upcoming Level 1 CASI and Level 1 CSIA, as well as the AMP Stage 1.  This week more snowy slopes helped us prep in lessons for the upcoming testing that will take place mostly over the weekend.the-whole-gang
This week was a social bonanza!  It started on Tuesday when we joined the 2 week improvement course on a local brewery tour.  A quick drive on the yellow bus found us at the new Fernie brewery.  We got to see where the magic happened on a personalized tour!  Of course, we had to sample every type of beer in our souvenir glass- we have already sampled most of their beer since our arrival!  Despite the first explanation of four sample beers, they kept pouring the beer and we returned for dinner quite content.

Wednesday, we got into the hockey spirit.  Instructor Terry got us hyped up for a game of street hockey.  Upon returning from the hill we headed to the street for a full on street hockey match.  Instructor Terry and Chris, local ice hockey extroadenaires showed us the ropes.  All of the two week program wimped out and hid in the Griz bar to avoid a sure MTM victory!

Friday was followed with Katie’s 19th Birthday!!  It was also Clare’s on the 2 week improvement so of course we had to celebrate!

Back to serious business as we’ve made it through the first stage of AMP and are heading into the Level 1 with the backcountry trip to follow!

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