Auction of 70′s & 80′s ski clothing

Every April in Fernie there an event called Hot Dog day when most people dress up in 70s and 80s ski gear and hit the slopes for a fun day looking flare! The name originates from the cult ski movie Hotdog.

Hot dog

This April our lead house-keeper Peggy, who has been part of the Nonstop family for two seasons, was sadly diagnosed with cancer. In order to raise some support funds for Peggy we organised an auction event at our Lodge where our staff modeled stylish retro ski outfits while participants from Nonstop Ski & snowboard courses as well as members of the public competitively bid to buy outfits in time for hotdog day. We had a really fun evening, raised an amazing $1,450 for Peggy and her family, and the successful bidders loved wearing their new clothes on the slopes. We’ll be repeating the event next year for another equally suitable cause.

Here are some photos of the garish outfits. Sadly they don’t really show what an amazing turn-out we had… over 70 people attended the event, 10 people modeled, and Paul, our head barman, was awesome as the auctioneer.





This blog was written in 2008 and since then we have indeed made the event an annual feature on our Fernie 11 Week Instructor Course, choosing a charity each year to benefit from the funds raised. Here is this years auction blog for your reading pleasure!

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